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If You're Listening

Mar 26, 2018

Dan Ozzi is back to tell us all about Avail's 1996 album "4am Friday." If you're a fan of this album, giddy up, because it doesn't really get much discussion!

Learn all about all the states, both real and fake, that Heather has visited! Learn all about women's articles of clothing! And we just ate burritos which...

Mar 19, 2018

Ramsey and Heather get all West Coasty and give Jack's Mannequin's 2005 debut album "Everything in Transit" a spin!

Hear your hosts hot takes on Romeo+Juliet, One Tree Hill, and Google Images' redesign! Ramsey forces Heather to answer a March Madness bracket populated by all her favorite things! And Ramsey thinks a song...

Mar 12, 2018

Special guest Dave Murray is here to introduce Heather and Ramsey about The Distillers and their 2003 album "Coral Fang.”

What was Heather's favorite Super Bowl moment? Will Ramsey shut up now about there not being any female artists in this genre? Dave gives us real life tales from the road! And is Ramsey's...

Mar 5, 2018

WHY. Why why why. Heather picked KOЯN's "Follow the Leader." Ramsey had to listen to it.

Usually I would write a few questions that would be answered within the episode. It's KOЯN. I had to listen to it. It goes exactly the way you would expect. KOЯN. All this and MORE!

Wanna get a shout-out on a future episode? Give...