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If You're Listening

Oct 30, 2017

Special guest Alex Mason (Gawker, Vice, Fusion) joins us to talk about his high school SKA BAND, but more importantly, THE STARTING LINE and their 2002 album “Say It Like You Mean It.”

What would a punk a cappella group sound like? Can a song entitled “The Saddest Girl Story” be taken seriously by anyone?...

Oct 23, 2017

Ramsey and Heather are TALKING Back Sunday (get it?) as they start their TWO PART journey into the Long Island beef between Taking Back Sunday and Brand New! We begin with TBS (the band, not the channel)'s debut album "Tell All Your Friends."

Will a story of ROMANCE and BACKSTABBING be enough to pique Ramsey's interest?...

Oct 16, 2017

Send a missive to the folks, because this week special guest Jeff Hong joins us to talk about The Get Up Kids' 1999 album "Something To Write Home About!"

Will this episode accidentally make Ramsey a Bush fan? How long before Ramsey starts making emo mashups? And is that a keyboard? Is it still punk if there's...

Oct 9, 2017

In a role reversal, Heather is concerned that her own opinion of an album might not hold up when listening to Something Corporte’s “Leaving Through the Window” for the first time in years!

How did Heather survive this year’s Riot Fest? How the heck did Ramsey make a Rage Against the Machine reference? Will...

Oct 2, 2017

Special guest Mo drops by to talk Death Cab for Cutie with Heather and Ramsey and their 2001 album "The Photo Album!"

Will listening to a band Ramsey is at least somewhat familiar with change his tune? Will Heather and Mo find strength in numbers when Ramsey claims songs are too boring? Will Ramsey write new lyrics to a...