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If You're Listening

Feb 26, 2018

Special guest Chris Tapp is here to introduce Ramsey (and Heather!) to Midtown's 2000 album "Save the World, Lose the Girl!"

Chris invents an exciting new segment for our show that changes the game! Just what is Heather's LinkedIn policy? And will the incredibly aggressive opening to this album turn scare Ramsey so much...

Feb 19, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, Further Seems Forever is here to inform us that "The Moon is Down!" (There's a relatively good chance that that was nonsense to you, so to clarify, that's the name of a band and their 2001 album.)

What does the guy from Dashboard sound like when he's working with other people? Is vinyl even worth...

Feb 12, 2018

Alex Mason (Gawker, Vice, Fusion) is back to present us with Cartel's 2005 debut album "Chroma!"

Music from a band that once lived in a bubble! Is this album about Jesus? Does Heather say Jesus weird? And, Ramsey's least favorite song in the history of this show (so far)! All this and MORE!

Wanna get a shout-out on a...

Feb 5, 2018

Ramsey and Heather risk potential trauma and dig deep into their pasts to relive Green Day's 1994 album "Dookie!"

How do both of our host's experiences with this album reflect their personalities almost 25 years later? How does a secret track change an album in the age of streaming? And Ramsey shares several unoriginal...